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make sure to tip toe
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15th-May-2007 10:46 am - well well well
It has now been almost a month since school ended.  It's hard to believe.  I am enjoying my time thoroughly, all warm and cozy summertime type stuff.  the beaches, the dresses, gentle breezes, fresh salsa, my lover, seeing the sunrise almost everyday (sometimes running in it), picking daisies on my way to work, painting with colors, keepin my room clean, sunglasses, reading about africa, beers and beers, a new close friend....all sorts of important things, right?

I'm scared of the real world, but that's OK (I think). 

soon: music, tennessee, boy, jerk chicken, miso soup, gardens, upper peninsulas, a drum, a hammock, funkmusicdanceparty, BOOM!! 

20th-Apr-2007 10:38 am - fundamental(ism)s

I would like to encourage everyone to read this article, as it is what has inspired me to write this morning. 

For a while I have been toying with the idea of possibly moving from the United States.  I generally second guess myself because the only other country I have been to is Mexico, and was there for only a week.  If I have spent the rest of my 21 years here in America, how do I know I would like to move?  Or, for that matter, to where?  When I talk about this with other people, there are three general resonses: 1)  it's really no different anywhere else; all places have their problems, so why leave friends and family for a place that might not be any better? 2) leaving America right now is merely jumping ship when it is actually the time to bust ass trying to get all the zombies to turn off their TVs and open their eyes; escaping is just as bad as being one of them, and 3) GET THE HELL OUT WHILE YOU CAN.  All of these concepts are valid in many ways, and so weighing them against one another is difficult. 

However, this morning I read the aforementioned article, and it got me thinking:  I think option 3 is definitely correct.  I think what really got me was where they talk about people gardening naked in the article, because that's something I REALLY enjoy doing.  I love to sunbathe naked, swim naked, sleep naked, just BE naked.  But it is illegal here.  So is marijuana, so is lsd....but McDonald's ISNT?  And Prozac, or Oreos?  I mean, come on.  I'm tired of these stupid laws stopping me from enjoying the things in life that I actually really value, such as nudity and psychadelic experiences.  I don't see why I should stick around here and try to convince brain washed born again Christians why I should not only be allowed to go get my mail topless, but that they should probably go ahead and give it a shot too.  What would it be like to launch a campaign like that, to try to change one of the most engrained cornerstones of our lives:  closing ourselves off from others in every way possible, even with clothes.  And so many people here flip out about Muslim women wearing Hijab??  Really, I don't see much difference in our culture.  Sure, I can wear a bikini, but I can still get arrested if I take it off.  And that law is based on the Puritan Christian roots of this country.  The dress code is ordained by God. 

So, yeah.  I don't really need some imaginary entity in the sky telling me I can get arrested for gardening naked.  And not only that I can't smoke a joint and drink a bottle of wine at the beach either, let alone get some sunshine on my ass.  Yup folks, I'm gettin the hell out, and I suggest you do the same. 

16th-Apr-2007 09:46 am - morning
my my is it beautiful out.  everyday i wake up and look out my window and watch the sunrise.  it is such an amazing thing that i havent seen much of since middle/high school when i was forced to wake up early every day.  now i choose to, for my job, and it is actually a really great way to live.  i used to be such a hardcore night owl for most of my life, but now i start getting tired as soon as it gets dark.  cheers to summertime, health, fresh salsa, road trips, working and playing hard.  its all wrapped up in my heart and im looking forward to it, as i take my time completing my degree.

i have been approaching college with such a laid back perspective.  i generally take as few credit hours as possible, and only take one or two during the summer.  i'm just not a workaholic...you might even say im lazy.  but really, im just preoccupied.  i dont really trust the job market enough to take having a degree all that seriously.  i dont really forsee our economic infrastructure, where success is generally associated with having a degree right?, being very viable into the future.  so why should i bust my ass and sacrifice time that i enjoy spending doing other things, for this fragile and uncertain future?  sounds like putting all those eggs in one basket to me.  

this summer i have some definite goals, which include learning to care for myself in some very fundamental and thusfar lacking ways, gardening, practicing spanish a whole lot, exercising, going to the beach with my friends, and being in love thoroughly & deeply in the summer for the first time in my life.  also dying yarn and making warm things to sell in the winter, fruit salad, reading all the new yorker magazines i have been collecting and missing out on because of other assigned reading, art, yoga.  why would i want to spend my time any other way if i dont have to?  i think im a little idealistic and spoiled, but oh well.  i really dont think this earth needs more stressed, unhappy people. 
12th-Apr-2007 11:38 pm(no subject)
breakfast lunch dinner. 

hay muchas posibilidades para desayunar.  me gusto comer fruta y cafe.  para almuerzo come ensalada, fruta y un sandwich todos los dias.  todavia quiero curry. en el verano puedo comer como muchas melocotones como yo quiero y hago pesto fresco con basil de mi jardin.  me encanta el sol y mi amante.  la vida buena esta en mi puerta, ¿Por qué no viene adentro?
5th-Jan-2007 01:25 am - mmmm
The Blue sky opens out farther and farther,
the daily sense of failure goes away,
the damage I have done to myself fades,
a million suns come forward with light,
when I sit firmly in that world.

--not by me but im not sure who
31st-Dec-2006 07:58 pm - death penalty map
this is pretty interesting
15th-Dec-2006 06:18 am - nostalgia
I live in a frequency, 
Where action rules,
That God is me,
In a war against my body,
In the poetry of poverty.
'Cause it's the rich ones who make it,
'Cause it's the rich ones who have the guts to take it.
They feel fine.
They feel fine.

Check out complainer by the bar,
Let's kick his ass and make him beg for more,
Let's line him up,
And make him scream and shout,
And show him he's got nothing to complain about.

'Cause I believe in the groove complacent,
So jack me up and fuck me up with entertainment,
Yeah, I feel fine.

Bran Van 3000 -- Problems
14th-Dec-2006 10:53 pm - whoopsie daisy!
one of those days

i really hope they listen

movie & information
2nd-Dec-2006 12:34 am - question
would anyone like to eat at bangkok flavor with me tomorrow?
17th-Nov-2006 06:35 am - travels
Today I am in Iowa. Specifically, Grinnell College. I like it here. This is not my computer. This is not my couch. These are not my friends....but they could be? (the friends at least, haha) ANYWAY, I got here today, and would like to inform the general public the follwing facts:
-it takes like 7.5 hours to get here, if you drive at least 80 mph and don't run into any traffic jams.
-Iowa is not flat; it has rolling hills and can be hazy and have pretty sunsets
-there are barns
-there is corn
-there is a college called Grinnell
-the dominant kind of soil here is called Mollisol--it is the badass stuff left behind by the glacier a while back, and is the best kind of soil for growing things
-it's only dirt if it's inside; soil if it's outside
-dekalb illinois is on the way if you want it to be
-sometimes i cant be in kalamazoo and if it means not doing homework and stuff i could honestly care only a little TEENY TINY bit less
-iowa is in the central time zone, so, according to my body it is actually 1.40 AM. I awoke at 7.30 AM EST, so that means I am really tired right now.

i think that's enough education for tonight.
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